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BYU Student Success

BYU Students have had a lot of success in the past earning Phi Kappa Phi awards, and you can continue that tradition. In 2011, Ben Frandsen was awarded $15,000 in a fellowship to use at Columbia University. Ariel Mitchel was awarded a $5,000 fellowship to attend New York University in 2013. Leaders of Phi Kappa Phi are willing to help you in the application process and want to make sure you are successful in your efforts.

There are also numerous smaller awards that require less time to apply for but help tremendously in covering your costs for school. This is the experience from a Phi Kappa Phi member:

Ryan Barrett (2016 Love of Learning Award)

"I received the Love of Learning award from Phi Kappa Phi during the Fall 2016 semester for $500. The application process was relatively easy with just a few short essays, a description of what I would use the money for, and my leadership and community service experiences. The award is helping pay for books for my dual master's degree and for certifications that will help me in my future career."