Distinguished Faculty Lectures

Fall 2020 - Dr. Valerie Hegstrom, BYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese

The Love of Learning: Early Modern Iberian Women Writers as Advocates for Women's Education


Fall 2019 - Dr. Jeff Edwards, BYU Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology

The Brain's Ability to Learn and Adapt: Stress, Exercise and Drugs


Fall 2018 - Dr. Karen E. Carter, BYU Department of History

Scandal in the Parish: What Court Cases Can Tell Us About How Priests and Parishioners Got Along in Eighteenth-Century France, and Why It Matters for the Study of History


Fall 2017 - Dr. Jini L. Roby, BYU School of Social Work

Thoughts on Developing as an Eternal Being

Fall 2016 - Dr. Michael Rice, BYU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

My Journal as a Faithful Scholar: How Did I Get Here?


Fall 2015 - Dr. Thomas A. Wayment, BYU Department of Ancient Scripture 

Finding Hope When Knowledge Fails